SR&ED solutions

This is an essential program for any company where R&D initiatives and financing them are central to success.

Our SR&ED team works with you to generate working capital to fund your business through a unique and specialized tax credit claim process. SR&ED is an acronym referring to tax credits available to companies by the Canada Revenue Agency for eligible Scientific Research & Experimental Development initiatives. Provincial tax credit incentives also exist. This can be a very important and lucrative program, funding growth-focused or competitive endeavours. Our SR&ED team is comprised of two experts ~ in science/engineering and accounting ~ and they support our clients from the initiation of the project to the settlement of the claim.

With combined expertise in both the financial and technical areas of the claim process, many clients have been so successful with our SR&ED solution, the SR&ED claim process has been linked into their strategic planning and overall tax strategy.

For more information, please contact our SR&ED Practice Leader, Stephen Spinks at: