let our team round out your team

With our wealth of experience and unique specialization in developing holistic financial, research and development, and people solutions, we thrive on helping small to medium businesses succeed.

Every business has an area of expertise. Ours is making your growth and development plans work. Securing on-site talent to manage your growth is time consuming and costly. Our team is committed to supporting yours, with the continuity, dedication, and holistic perspective afforded by access to multiple business structures with unique plans and challenges.

Our people were chosen not only for their expertise, but for their curiosity, innovation, and ability to 'think outside the office'. We can't stay in the office doing paperwork ~ we're too interested in our clients' businesses and what their people have to say. So, we created applied solutions delivered in a variety of ways, from as-needed support all the way up to a bundle of services that help your company excel.

Since starting the company in 2003, we've built relationships with clients in a variety of small business sectors, from manufacturing, automotive, and animal husbandry to knowledge-based industries like software development and engineering services. Today, we're one of the largest professional services companies in Ontario's Waterloo region.

We have the expertise and the enthusiasm to help you make it happen.

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